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Di Luo's Teaching Portfolio

Asian Art 14a. Ukiyo-e

Courtesan Motoura
Geisha and Attendant on a Rainy Night
Great Wave

April 10, 2017

Art of China 13b. Export Porcelain & Chinoiserie

Kraak ware
English Delftware

April 6, 2017

Asian Art 13b. Japanese Architecture

Ise Shrine
Ryoanji Dry Landscape Garden

April 5, 2017

Asian Art 8b. Buddhist Art in Japan

Five-storied pagoda
Shakya triad
Tamamushi Shrine and the “Hungry Tigress” panel
Phoenix Hall
Ryokai mandala

February 22, 2017

Asian Art 5a. Early Tomb Art in Korea and Japan

Gold and jade crown
Dotaku bronze bells
Haniwa figures

January 30, 2017

Introduction to Asian Art

An introductory course in the history of Asian art can provide much pleasure and insight. It opens up a world full of distinctive and meaningful works of art and architecture in India, China, Japan, and other parts of Asia, and leads you to explore the rich material and cultural legacies of the great civilizations in Asia’s past.

April 19, 2016

The Silk Road: A Cultural and Political History

This undergraduate seminar examines the rich history of the Silk Road, a network of land and maritime trade routes connecting the empires and kingdoms across Eurasia over the past millenniums.

April 11, 2016

East Asian Architecture: From Prehistoric to the Late Imperial Period

This survey course explores the rich architectural legacies of China, Japan, and Korea of the premodern period. We will be navigating a series of distinctive architectural spaces: imperial palaces, mausoleums, monasteries, temples, shrines, pagodas, theaters, metropolises, markets, and gardens.

April 7, 2016

Introduction to East Asian Civilizations

This course investigates the history of East Asia from the beginning to 1800. It focuses on three major civilizations–China, Korea, and Japan–in the attempt to reveal the economic growth, cultural development, political changes, social conditions and transformations, and intellectual traditions of premodern East Asia as well as its great achievements and legacies in the arts and humanities.

April 6, 2016