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Asian Art 13b. Japanese Architecture


Answer ANY TWO of the following questions:

  1. Why is the Ise Shrine reconstructed exactly every twenty years?
  2. Would you say that the Japanese “dry landscape” garden was influenced by Chinese landscape painting? Why? How are the two landscapes different?
  3. What is “wabi-sabi”? Briefly explain using the examples introduced today.

Reading Assignment


  • Lee, pp. 441-449
  • Gardner’s Art through the Ages, pp. 210-211


  • Shikinen sengu (4 min.)
  • Ryoanji Temple & Rock Garden

Key Works

Ise Shrine


Ise Shrine Naiku 1953-8-26 cropped
Mie Prefecture, Japan

Begun 5th-6th cent., Kofun period; last rebuilt in 2013

Ryoanji “Dry Landscape” Garden

Kyoto-Ryoan-Ji MG 4512
Kyoto, Japan

Muromachi period, c. 1450



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