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Art of China 11a. Ming Garden Art


  1. List 2 notable spatial/visual features of a Chinese garden.
  2. The Confucian ideal of self-cultivation is often conveyed through paintings of a scholar’s private garden. How is this evident in the paintings we studied today? (Use 1 example to explain.)

Reading Assignment

  • Thorp, pp. 279-290, 313-314

Key Works

Liu Garden (Lingering Garden)

Suzhou Liu Yuan 2015.04.25 08-14-37
Full Moon Doorway (6508447005)
Lingering Garden, Suzhou, China (2015) - 44
Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Ming dynasty, 1522-66, with later alterations

Literary Gathering in the Apricot Garden


Attrib. Xie Huan (active 1426-52)

Handscroll, ink and colors on silk; 14 1/2″ x 7′ 8″ (36.6 cm x 2.4 m)

Ming dynasty, 1437

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Enjoying Antiquities


Attrib. Du Jin (active c. 1465-1509)

Hanging scroll, ink and colors on silk; 49 5/8″ x 6′ 1 1/3″ (1.26 x 1.87 m)

Ming dynasty

National Palace Museum, Taipei


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