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Asian Art 11a. Jain Art


What commonality do you think is shared between Jain and Buddhist (or Jain and Hindu) art? Briefly explain using one of the key works discussed today.

Reading Assignment

  • Lee, pp. 244-246
  • Neave, pp. 21-22, 39-40

Key Works


Sandstone; h. 17 1/2″ (44.5 cm)

Mathura, India

2nd-3rd cent.

Frei Collection, Switzerland


Jina with Attendants

Sandstone; h. 19 3/8″ (49 cm)

Mathura, India

c. 500

Frei Collection, Switzerland


Dilvara Temple


Completed 1032, repaired c. 1300

Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India


Ceiling engraved with flying deities

White marble



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