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Art of China 10b. Literati Painting


What role does landscape play in literati paintings? How is the representation of the landscape different from that of earlier landscape paintings? Briefly explain using one of the key works introduced today.

Reading Assignment

  • Thorp, pp. 301-310

Key Works

Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains

UntitledHuang Gongwang

Ink on paper; 12 7/8″ x 20′ 9″ (33 cm x 6.36 m)

Yuan dynasty, 1348-1350

National Palace Museum, Taipei

Portrait of Ni Zan


Handscroll, ink and colors on paper; 11 1/8 x 24″ (28.2 x 60.9 cm)

Yuan dynasty, c. 1340

National Palace Museum, Taipei

Rongxi Studio

Ni Zan. The Rongxi Studio.1372. 74,7x35,3. National Palace Museum, Taipei
Ni Zan

Hanging scroll, ink on paper; 29 3/4 x 14″ (74.7 x 35.5 cm)

Yuan-Ming, dated 1372

National Palace Museum, Taipei



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