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Art of China 9a. Tang and Liao Architecture


  1. What are the four major “zones” of a Chinese wooden hall in elevation?
  2. List 2 structural features of the Yingxian Pagoda.

Reading Assignment


  • Lothar Ledderose, Ten Thousand Things, pp. 103-107 (on the Foguangsi Main Hall), 127-132 (on the Yingxian Pagoda)


  • Rest of Ledderose, Ch 5

Key Works

Main Hall

佛光寺东殿-流浪的狗狗 - panoramio - aisccd


Wood and brick; 34 x 17.66 m

Foguangsi, Mt. Wutai, Shanxi Province

Tang dynasty, 857

Wooden Pagoda

The Fugong Temple Wooden Pagoda
Wood; h. 67.31 m

Fogongsi, Yingxian, Shanxi Province

Liao dynasty, 1056

Commissioned by Emperor Daozong of the Liao dynasty


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