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Art of China 7b. Figure Painting


  1. Briefly describe (in 1-2 sentences) one scene from the Admonitions scroll. What womanly virtue is advocated here?
  2. Would you say that the Buddhist art and the secular art of the Tang dynasty mutually influenced each other? What is your evidence?

Reading Assignment


  • Thorp, pp. 176-182, 209-212

Key Works

Admonitions of the Court Instructress

Admonitions Scroll Scene 7
Attrib. Gu Kaizhi (c. 344-406)

Handscroll, ink and pigments on silk; h. 9 3/4″ (24.8 cm), l. 11′ 6″ (3.5 m)

Eastern Jin, 4th cent. (Tang-dynasty copy)

British Museum, London

Thirteen Emperors

Zhou Wu Tang
Attrib. Yan Liben

Handscroll, ink and pigment on silk; 20″ x 17′ 5″ (51 cm x 5.31 m)

Tang, 7th cent. (11th cent. copy)

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Court Ladies with Flowers in their Hair

Zhou Fang. Court Ladies Wearing Flowered Headdresses.Detail2
Attrib. Zhou Fang

Ink and pigments on silk; 18 x 69″ (45.5 x 175.5 cm)

Tang, late 8th-early 9th cent. (10th cent. copy)

Liaoning Provincial Museum



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