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Asian Art 7b. Buddhist Art in Southeast Asia


Briefly describe the layout of the Great Stupa of Borobudur. What is the religious significance of this layout? What kind of walking/viewing experience does it provide?

Reading Assignment


  • Lee, pp. 145-150
  • Neave, pp.  112-113


  • Borobudur 4K (5 min.)

  • Aerial videography (3 min.)

Key Work

Great Stupa of Borobudur

Borobudur Mandala
Borobudur Relief Panel I.a65 (cropped), 1022a
Lens Flare at Borobudur Stairs Kala Arches
Buddha in the Stupa Borobudur
Rubble built around a natural hill and faced with carved volcanic lava stones; h. 105′

Java, Indonesia

8th-9th cent.







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