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Art of China 7a. Buddhist Art in the Tang Dynasty


  1. Would you say that the Colossal Buddha at Longmen received influences from earlier examples of Buddhist icons we looked at last week? What is your evidence?
  2. How did people in the Tang dynasty understand matters of death, afterlife, and/or rebirth? How is this understanding reflected by the Buddhist art created at the time?

Reading Assignment


  • Thorp, pp. 201-209

Key Works

Colossal Buddha and attendants

Limestone; main Buddha h. 56′ (17 m)

Tang dynasty, c. 675

Fengxian Temple, Longmen Cave 19, Luoyang, Henan Province

Western Pure Land


Mural painting, north wall, Mogao Cave 217, Dunhuang, Gansu Province

Tang dynasty, late 7th-early 8th cent.

Ten Kings of Hell

Handscroll, ink and pigment on paper; h. 11″ (27.8 cm), l. 2.4 m

Tang dynasty, late 9th-early 10th cent.

British Museum, London




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