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Asian Art 7a. Buddhist Art in Central Asia


  1. What is iconoclasm? What do you think might be the Taliban’s purpose of bombing the Bamiyan Buddhas in 2001?
  2. List 2 differences between the Bamiyan cave temples and the cave temples in India.

Reading Assignment


  • Lee, pp. 151-155


  • Circumambulating the colossal Buddha (1:58)

  • 3D light projection by Chinese adventurist couple Xinyu Zhang and Hong Liang in 2015 (0:53)

Key Works

Colossal Buddha

Buddha Bamiyan 1963

Sandstone; h. 175′ (53.3 m)

Bamiyan, Afghanistan

c. 4th-5th cent.

Destroyed in 2001

Sun God

Fresco on ceiling

Bamiyan, Afghanistan

c. 4th-5th cent.


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