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Art of China 3a. Ritual Space


Answer ANY TWO of the following questions:

  1. Would you say that the Royal City Plan was actually adopted by its contemporary city planners? Why or why not?
  2. List two spatial characteristics of the Fengchu palace-temple. What do these characteristics tell you about the function of the building?
  3. How is the necropolis of Zhongshan kings different from earlier forms of burial introduced in this class?

Reading Assignment

  • Thorp, pp. 55-59, 89-96

Key Works

Royal City Plan


Fengchu Palace-temple


l. 43.2m, w. 32.5m, area 1469 sqm (raised terrace)

Fengchu, Qishan, Shaanxi

Late Shang-Early Western Zhou dynasty, c. 1100-1000 BCE

Necropolis of Zhongshan Kings

Zhongshan Zhaoyutu

Eastern Zhou dynasty, c. 310 BCE



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